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The Personal Identification Information in Property Data Code of Conduct (“the Code of Conduct”) is designed to help protect the personal identification details of Queensland property owners and to stop unsolicited direct marketing using QVAS data. If you think your personal identification information has been used for direct marketing purposes, you can lodge a complaint as explained below. You can also have your name and service address suppressed and prevented from being accessed by the clients of information brokers.

The Code of Conduct was originally known as the QVAS Code of Conduct.



What is QVAS?

The Queensland Valuation and Sales System (QVAS) is the database used by the Queensland Government’s Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM). It is used for the storage, update and retrieval of property and sales information and associated valuations.
The database contains the following information:

•    Details of the property, including the street address

•    Transaction details (e.g. purchase price and type of sale); and

•    Relevant details, i.e. names and service addresses of the vendors and purchasers.

Who can access this information? 


Individual businesses, professionals and members of the public can request access to individual QVAS records over the counter for a fee. This will typically include potential purchasers and professionals acting in property transactions, for example, solicitors and valuers.

Licenced information brokers

A number of information brokers have been granted access to bulk data from QVAS. This is in the form of a licence agreement obtained through DNRM.

Information broker end clients

A number of brokers’ clients also access QVAS data through products distributed by the information brokers. These products include additional data added by the information brokers from other sources. These may include photos of the property or a map of the property location.  In these instances, clients include real estate agents, valuation agents, surveyors, financial institutions and members of the public.

In order to ensure a high degree of privacy protection is maintained for consumers whose data is held in QVAS database, information brokers who wish to gain bulk access to QVAS Identified Information (names and service addresses) in the database have agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct. The QVAS Code of Conduct was developed by the information brokers and DNRM and came into operation in October 2009.  The Code is administered by a three person Committee.

Prohibition on direct marketing

Under the Code of Conduct the use of personal identification information (names and service addresses) for unsolicited direct marketing by mail, telephone or other means is strictly prohibited.  

Suppression of your personal identification information

Complete an online application on this website if you want your name and service address suppressed in the database of information brokers and their clients. Suppression means that personal information cannot be accessed. Your service address is the address nominated by you for official correspondence regarding your property e.g. for Land and Tax notification or for Council Rates Notices. 


If you believe your personal identification information has been used for direct marketing you may lodge a complaint by writing to:

The Chair, Code Oversight Committee or

The Chair, Code Oversight Committee

PO Box 379

Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


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