Application for Suppression Direction

Consumers may apply to the Committee, to have their personal identification information (name and service address) suppressed. The Code of Conduct protects the personal information of consumers. Under the Code’s definition of a consumer, reference is to an individual not a corporation (e.g. Pty Ltd company).

If approved the personal identification information will be added to a Register of Suppression Requests. Subscribers must then suppress the applicants name and service address within their systems.

Code Subscribers are to action suppression requests within 30 days of the application approval. It is a requirement under the Code that subscribers must reasonably cooperate with all requests to suppress QVAS Identified Information.

Important – if you submit your request by post, please forward only copies of documentation as we take no responsibility for original documentation.


Personal safety concerns – If consumers have concerns about risks to their personal safety or their property, they may apply to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) to have their personal information suppressed at the source, i.e. in DNRME’s valuation roll.

Consumers in this situation can make an application for what is called a statutory suppression under the Land Valuation Act 2010 either online or by downloading a Form 63 from the DNRME’s website at

The only reason for which the Valuer-General will suppress ownership details in the valuation roll is one of risk to a person’s safety or property, whether the person is the landowner or a person living at that address.

If granted, a suppression direction by the Valuer-General will be effective for five years and may be renewed on a further application. Where a suppression direction is granted, the person’s details will also be suppressed from the results of a name search of the relevant land register. The person’s details will not be provided to Code subscribers and there is no need to make a suppression request under the Code of Conduct.


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