Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have the price paid for my property suppressed under the Code of Conduct?

A: No. Under the Code of Conduct you can only suppress your name and your service address. Other details such as the price of the property, the date of the sale or the property’s location cannot be suppressed.


Q: Why doesn’t the Code of Conduct allow me to have the price I paid for my property or how much I sell it for suppressed?  

A: The code is only designed to protect ‘personal identification information’, which does not include transaction details. It is in the public interest for timely and accurate information about the buying and selling prices to be readily available to interested parties. This information helps ensure that buyers and sellers and others are well informed and make better decisions.


Q: I am about to settle on the purchase of my property.  Can I have my name and service address suppressed as soon as settlement is completed?

A:  Following settlement the details of the property transfer including your name and service address will be added to the Titles office records and other databases of the State Government and the relevant local council. There may be a delay of several days.  Until your details appear in those databases no one can access your details through information brokers. You should contact your local council after settlement and, as soon as your details appear in the council’s database, ask for a copy of an extract from the rates database so you can lodge that with your Suppression Request under the Code of Conduct.


Q: What proof of ownership do I need to provide when requesting suppression of my name name and service address? Can I provide a copy of the land Title?

A:  The only proof of ownership that will be accepted with a suppression request is a copy of a local council rates notice for the property or an extract from the local council’s rates records.


Q: My property is owned in the name of our family company. Can I have the name of the company suppressed?  

A: No.  If the property is owned by a corporate entity rather than by one or more individual persons, the ownership and service address information is not considered to be personal information which the Code of Conduct was set up to protect.


Q: I own investment units interstate. Can I have my name as the owner suppressed for those properties under the Code of Conduct?  

A: No. The Code of Conduct only applies to property data held by the Queensland Government and that property must be within the State.  You can approach the relevant State or Territory Government agencies responsible for land title data and enquire whether you may be able to have your personal details suppressed.


Q: I am fearful for myself and my family if ‘certain people’ can use the QVAS data to find out where I live or own property. Can I have my information suppressed?

A: If you are fearful for your personal safety or that of your family you should notify local police immediately.  You should also lodge a Suppression Request under the Code of Conduct as soon as possible. You can also consult the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines about having your details suppressed under the Valuation of Land Act 2010.  Under the Act, the Valuer-General is able to suppress ownership details where it is assessed that there is a risk to a person’s safety or property, whether the person at risk is the landowner or a person living at that address.


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