The Code Oversight Committee consists of three members: an independent Chair, a consumer representative and an industry representative.  The role of the Committee includes the following:

-    monitoring compliance with the Code by its subscribers

-    handling complaints

-    imposing sanctions on subscribers to the Code for non-compliance. 

The Committee is independent of DNRM but does have reporting obligations to the Department including the following:

-    prepare and publish the Annual Report

-    commission an Independent Review every five years 

These obligations are detailed within the Personal Identification Information in Property Data (PIIPD) Code of Conduct, previously known as the QVAS Code of Conduct.  

The operations of the Committee are governed by the Code which was developed through a process involving stakeholder consultation. 

The Code provides for matters such as:

-    the consideration of complaints and disputes

-    the dispute resolution procedures

-    other powers and duties of the Committee 

The Code came into effect on 1 October 2009.

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